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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Revenge of the garden part 3

All through the week after work I have been going to the garden center to stock up on sand for relaying the patio. In the end I got 25 bags of the stuff. My car was not very happy going up the hill with 6 bags of sand in the back. I started work about 10am. I first emptied all the sand out onto the patio area and used a rake to try and get it all level.

Once I had done this I had to trample the sand down to make sure it was flat. I was knackered after doing this, and I still had most of the heavy work to do :-)

I started putting down the weed proof membrain. This was difficult to start with as the wind was picking up and it kept on blowing everywhere. I got the glass recycling bin which was full up with beer bottles and emptied them out and used them to help keep the membrain down. Once I had done 1 line of membrain I started positioning the paving slabs into place.

When I put the paving stones down I had to jump on them to get them to bed down properly in the sand. After jumping on a slab for 30 seconds it rested nicely in place. God knows what the neigbours were thinking with me jumping up and down.

Once all the slabs were in place I drove to the garden center to get some gravel. I got 6 bags in the first load. When I got them back I started opening the bags and emptying them out inbetween the paving slabs. I had to do another 2 trips to the garden center to get more gravel, in the end I got through 18 bags of the stuff.

I was quite relieved to get the patio finished in the end as it was very heavy work. Once I had finished I went and got a shower and then Me and Amanda went to Ikea to look for a patio table and chairs. We want to have a bbq tomorrow for dinner, so it would be nice to sit outside. Once we got the table and chairs back we had the fun of trying to assemble them. I really hate flat pack furniture, but between the 2 of us we got it all assembled within an hour.



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