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Friday, July 07, 2006

Derby summer beer festival

This evening Me and Neil went to the Derby CAMRA summer beer festival at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. We had a great time here trying out lots of different real ales. Non of that weak lager nonsence here ;-)
A lot of the beers this year had a football theme. The ones we tried were, World Cup, Western Front, and Svengal Tiger. We also tried a really nice Belgium beer called Piraat which was a whopping 10.5% in strength, but it tasted really nice. We also had an export Guiness that was 8.5%
There was a couple of decent bands on in the evening also. One of them was a really good band called Wam Bam Soul Band, and the other was called Gate crasher, who were a rock covers band. Both bands were good. Well they sounded good, but we were very drunk at that point.

The above is a poster for the Svengal Tiger beer that we tried. Neil liked it so much he took a picture. That reminds me, the pictures in this post were taken by Neil and are therefor his property, so they are not covered under the Creative Commons lisence on this site. That means if you want to copy the photos for any reason, you will need to contact neil and get his permission first.



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