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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Team Building With Guns

Today my employer took our department out on a team building activity day at Yeaveley Estate near Ashbourne. We met at the shooting lodge for 9.30 in the morning for a breakfast of bacon rolls, and we were then split into 4 teams. I was in team 1, and there were 10 people per team. The days activities consisted of archery, clay pigeon shooting, hover craft racing and fly fishing.

My teams first activity was archery. I had a slight upper hand in my team as I did a fair bit of achery when I was a teenager. We did about an hour and a half of archery and then had coffee. Next my team was up for clay pigeon shooting. This was the activity I was looking forward too the most. The gun we used was a 3 shot semi automatic shotgun and the thing kicked like a mule, brilliant!! I wasn't as bad at shooting as I thought I would be. I got 18 out of 25 shots, so I was happy about that. On the last round of shooting, my gun jammed on me. The instructor tried to get the thing working, but aparently a spring had gone inside the gun, so we had to use the girls gun after that, but it was only for a few shots.

After the shooting we headed back to the lodge for lunch. They put on a wicked buffet and we all had loads. Once we had all put on atleast half a stone we went for our next event. Hover craft racing.

These things are crazy, the steering is only 15% effective, you have to compensate by leaning far over to the left or right. You could get some great turns out of them, but if you let off on the throttle whilst doing a hard turn you end up going sideways, which I did a few times. The last activity of the day was fly fishing. It was good to give this a go, but It's not really my thing. Only 1 person on our team caught a trout, although we had to throw it back in.

I was completely knackered at the end of the day, and my shoulder was aching from the shooting, but I would definately like to give shooting another go sometime. If you looking for a decent activity day and are in or near Derbyshire, then go to Yeaveley.



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