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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Country Walk Near Whatstandwell

We've had this week off work, and it has been a good break to use up some holiday before things get crazy at work for the projects that have to be completed before christmas. Most of the week I have either been working on some of my music project, or revising for a .NET programming certification exam I am taking through work. But on friday I didn't work on either and went for a country walk with Neil instead. We did a walk that starts near Whatstandwell on the A6 and goes up to near Cromford.

Neil picked us up at 2pm and we drove to the start of the walk. Once we had got set up for the walk we set off around 2.30. The walk was about 6 miles and we started off by walking down the canal. The weather was quite warm at that point. Although it got very warm when we started the accent up a hill. The hills were fairly steep on this walk, especially as I'm not that fit.

The weather for most of the walk was good, although about half way through it did start to rain. It's a good job we had boots, waterproofs, gators and walking poles for this walk as it got quite slippery. I always feel that I look like a bit of a plonker when I wear gators but they are bloody good when the weather gets nasty and you have to walk through brambles etc.

The whole walk didn't take us that long. We were pretty much complete within 3 hours which is damn good considering we stopped to take phots quite often.

Because it was a Friday we didn't see that many people whilst on the walk. This was pretty good as you can take in the scenary a lot better when there arn't that many people walking around. I prefer doing walks at this time of year when it is a bit cooler as it is easier to wrap up warm than it is to do a walk on a hot day.

I was home by 5.30 and my legs didn't feel too bad. I was tired, but not as tired as I have been on some walks. Especially that 10mile walk we did at Yosemite in America, that was a killer on the legs.

As a reward for doing the walk I treated myself to a few cans of beer and some wine along with a home made curry in the evening. It was bloody nice. I also watched a film in the evening, 'United 93'. It was about one of the planes that got hi-jacked on September 11 2001. The film was very good. This was one of the planes were the passengers fought back against the terrorists. A very emotionally charged film as you know its based on truth. I highly recommend seeing it.

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