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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beer Festival In Derby

On Thursday night Me and Neil went to the annual Derby CAMRA ‘Twelfth Night’ Winter Beer Festival. We got in there for about 6.30 and went straight to the main hall were the beers were. This festival is a lot smaller than the summer festival, but they still had 30 beers in the hall and about 30 beers in the reception area from around europe.

One beer we had which was very nice, but also one of the strongest beers you can get was from the continental collection. The beer was called Samichclaus from the Eggenberger brewary. This beer was 14% in strengh and was nicknamed 'Austrian Rocket Fuel'. The guy serving it also joked that it was the 2nd most dangerous export from Austria apart from Hitler.

The Samichlaus although very very strong didn't taste over powering of alchohol and was actually very drinkable, although I wouldn't recommend drinking too much of it. Luckily I had booked the Friday off work. I had a rotten hangover and was wiped out for most of the day, but apart from that the beer festival was great. Looking forward to the summer one now.



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