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Sunday, November 12, 2006

One Arm Bandit

A while ago When down the pub Amanda was playing on a fruit machine (as she usually does) and I joked that it would be cheaper to go and buy a fruit machine for home. Little did I know that Amanda would actually go and do this.

It's not one of the annoying bright loud ones from the pub though. Yesterday her first fruit machine turned up. It dates from the 1950's and was used as a promotional game for the BDR Tram company in Bristol. That's all the history we have on it at present, but Amanda is trying to find out more about it's origins.

The mechanics in the machine have been restored by an expert and the machine plays as if it was new. The machine is quite unique in that the fruits are stacked vertically and not horizontally as you may be used too. And it is apparently for this reason that the machine never really took off, so that makes it quite rare.

It is quite interesting playing it with the main door open. It's surprising how complex the innards are but it sounds really good. Soon I'll get a recording of the machine and post a link on here. The machine is totally mechanical, and the only electricity required is to light the lamps in the machine to light up the fruits.

To play the game you need a load of old sixpence's, so Amanda maganed to get a load from ebay very cheaply. All we need now is a decent stand for it. This will need to be very sturdy as the machine weighs a ton.



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