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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very Steep Walk At Matlock Bath

It's been a busy weekend. On Saturday afternoon we went to a 1st birthday party for a colleagues daughter, and then in the evening we went to Neil and Carolines for a meal. They cooked leak and potato with bacon soup, followed by pot roast guinea fowl. For dessert Neil made a selection of homemade ice-creams. They were strawberry and apple flavored.

The whole meal was really nice, and we got through lots of beer and wine. The next day we all went for a walk. This was made harder with the fact that we were nursing hangovers. We did the Heights of Abraham walk in Matlock Bath. This essentially takes you up a very steep hill. Very Steep!!!!

Because Neil recently got him self a new all singing, all dancing GPS unit, we are going to buy his old unit. Normally the walking books are not that good and it can be easy to get lost, so having a GPS along with an OS map will make things much easier. It will certainly stop Me and Amanda bickering about what the correct route is.

Neil brought his old GPS unit with him on the walk so I could have a go. It tells you your location as well as having a digital compass. You can also record your route and get information about total ascents, descents, distance and speed.


The GPS actually came in good use for this walk as we took a few wrong turns. Although one part of the walk Neil said we had to go up these very steep stone stairs on the 2nd half of the walk. It was very pain full getting up these, but when we were there Neil, quite sheepishly, said we had gone the wrong way :-). Oops. It's ironic really, we had 2 gps units, 2 OS maps, and a normal compass, and we still buggered up the route :-)
Worrying sign in an old landrover window.

After lunch we saw a small cave in the limestone rocks. I went in the cave, although I couldn't see where I was going, I had to take photos with the flash (as seen below) to see where I was going. I only went in about 10 meters though. Not a good idea without a torch.

The total walk was 7 miles, although we felt like we had done 14 by the time we had finished. We drove back to Neil and Carolines house and had a cup of tea and some cake. We needed the sugar to give us some energy.

I am just going to collapse infront of the tv tonight I think. Don't think I have the energy for much else. I certainly feel fitter though with all these walks, so that's a good thing.

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