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Friday, September 21, 2007

Walking around Castleton and Tideswell

This afternoon we got back from our over night visit to Castleton in the Peak District. We booked Yesterday and Today off work so we could go away for my Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary.

Wednesday evening we went over what walking routes we would do whilst away. We decided on a walk around Tideswell and Millers Dale for the Thursday, and the hill Mam Tor for Today.

On Thursday morning we set off. Before staring the walk we went to the outlet centre at Rowsley so we could go to the walking shop. They had a sale on, so we wanted to get some new water proof jackets. Once we had got these we carried on to Tideswell.

We started the walk at 11am. The whole walk was around 7 miles. The weather was quite good. Although it kept on changing from warm to chilly quite quickly. At the top of Millers Dale though it was quite windy.

This walk was very scenic. I would like to do this again on a clear day with blue skies, although that will probably be next year now. :-)

We finished the walk about 4.30pm. Once we had got changed out of our muddy walking gear we drove to Castleton where we was staying at the 'Nags Head Pub'. The room we stayed in was quite large. A lot larger than we expected. Once we had settled in we went downstairs for a few drinks. For dinner we decided to go to the Bulls Head pub for dinner as it is supposed to be quite nice.

Next morning we went for breakfast at 9 whilst nursing small hangovers. Once we had finished here, we checked out and got changed into out walking gear again. We went for full waterproofs today as the weather forecast said it would rain a lot.

We started the walk from the village carpark. About 30 minutes into the walk the heavens opened and it pissed down hard for about an hour. Normally this would have been horrible, but we was well prepared, so it was actually good fun as we stayed completely dry. :-)

Once we got to the top of Mam Tor the view was really good, although quite cloudy. It was very very windy up there.

The walk carried along the top of Mam Tor and back down the other side. We then carried on through fields and the valley called Winnats Pass.

When we got back to Castleton we went back the Nags Head and got some lunch. When finished we drove home. We are both knackered. Early night tonight I think. We are having tomorrow off from walking as Amandas new car is being delivered. We are going for another walk on Sunday though with Neil and Caroline.

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