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Sunday, September 09, 2007


The last trip from the Majorca holiday I am going to write up is our visit to the town of Valdemossa. This was done via an organised excursion which picked us up from the hotel. We was first taken to a place that makes olive oil where we were shown the machines that are used. We then got to test different versions of oils that they made.

Once we were finished here we got back on the coach and headed off to Valldemossa. Once there the tour guide took us on a tour of the town which lasted for just over an hour. This was quite good and I got loads of good photos.

When the tour was over we had a few hours to do stuff by our selves. We quickly got lunch and then went to the monastery for a look around. This is the place where the classical musician Chopin rented a room from the monks and wrote some music. They still had his piano there. A photo of that is further down in this post.

Every half an hour there was a performance by a pianist who played the music that Chopin composed there. This sounded quite good. Once we were done at the monastery we headed off to find the coach.

It was about 3pm when we headed off again and the coach made a slow trip back to the port, stopping off at a load of places for photos.

This is the last post about our holiday to Majorca. All in all it was a great 2 weeks away. I would definitely recommend going there. We met a lot of really nice people whilst we were at the hotel and got a nice tan. Although I expect the tan to fad very quickly now we are back under UK weather.

It's back to the office tomorrow, boo!! No doubt it will be an easy day of catching up with emails though. Although I wont bank on this :-)

Got a few days off in a couple of weeks though for our wedding anniversary and my birthday, so am looking forward to that. Just need to loose a little bit of the weight I put on over the past 2 weeks :-)



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