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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rowsley and the Nine Ladies

We went on a walk today with Neil, Caroline and Neils Dad. We got up at 6.30!! Which for a Saturday should be illegal :-) We made our packed lunch and drove over to Neil and Carolines house to meet them for 8.30.

The walk starts at Rowsley near Bakewell and goes to the ancient stone circle called the Nine Ladies. We decided to all go in one car even though it was a bit of a squeeze. We got to Rowsley for about 9am then the got ready.

The weather report for day was bleak. Lots of rain was forecast so we didn't take any chances and went in full waterproofs. Then if it rained it wouldn't matter too much. The walk wasn't too difficult. There was a fair bit of up hill on the first half of the walk, but it was pretty good.

When we good on the Moore it got a bit colder and wetter, but we were treated to lots of color with the heather growing everywhere (as seen above).

As we got closer to the Nine Ladies we saw a load of people living in tents. Neil said they were druids who have been camping there for a few years to protect the stones. This is because a local quarry wanted to build an access road to one of there pits. This would have meant destroying the stones. They are from around 3000BC, so quite old.

Not sure I would want to camp in the woods permanently, especially on a day like today where it is wet and windy.

The whole walk took around 4 hours. Toward the end of the walk it started raining quite heavy. It was good to get back to the car. We were all tired, but atleast we didn't have anything to do this afternoon except relax.

I am making a chicken pathia for dinner today. Curry, wine and a decent film will be a good way to end the day. I quite fancy watching one of the old Indiana Jones films :-)

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