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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good WCF Programming Book

I have recently just finished reading the above book on WCF programing by Juval Lowy. This book is a very good read. I spent a while looking for a book that doesn't just rehash the MSDN documentation and this book fits the bill. As well as telling you how to do certain things in WCF, it also spends a lot fo time telling you why you would want to do those things. The only bad comment I have about the book is Juvals points raised about MessageContracts. He states that:
"Any professional WCF programmer should use MessageContracts only rarely,
and therefore I will not discuss them in this book."

This is fine, but he doesn't explain why you should only rarely use them. When I find out the reason, I'll post back here. But apart from this minor gripe, the book is very good. You can read a sample chapter of the book from the O'Reilly Website if you want to check it out.
I also have Juvals Programming Components book too, but I havn't read this yet.



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