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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Walk Around Mackworth and Markeaton

After a night out at the beer festival we decided to be good and get some exercise. Amanda picked a walk out of our trusty AA book. We decided on a walk starting at Markeaton Park in Derby and walking around too Mackworth, through farmers fields.

We left around 1.30 in the afternoon as Amanda wanted to catcht the repeat of Big Brother on Channel 4. We got all our walking gear together loaded the car and went to the supermarket to get some sandwiches to take with us.

We got to the car park around 2.15 and got going. The walk was fairly flat and lasted for 6 miles. Most of the walk was through farmers fields. On public foot paths, naturally.

This is the first walk we have done since before we went to Portugal. The weather has been pretty crap in the UK since we got back, so made it too risky to go walking. Well, we could have, but being stuck out in the rain is not much fun, even if you do have waterproofs.

The weather today has been very warm, both of us have caught the sun and look a little red. Not complaining though, it will probably be raining next week.

The whole walk took around 4 hours and we were both pretty tired afterwards. When we got back to the car we went to the supermarket to get stuff for dinner. Tomorrow there is a food festival in Belper, so we will go to that and hopefully get to try lots of nice foods.

We might even go for another walk in the afternoon if it is sunny. Ok thats enough writing from me as I'm knackered. Hopefully we'll get some nice photo's tomorrow :-).

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