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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Excellent Review In Virus Mag

Just found a new review for my debut album Mechanical in an electronic music magazine called Virus Mag. The cd scored 8 out of 10, which is a fantastic score to get. I have included the review text below:

"Creature is an electronic music project of Stephen Haunts, who also happens to run Haunted House Records.

Using circuit bending as a compositional technique, this CD is armed with an impressive array of sampled sounds, simple but strong melodies, and creative programming, therefore making "Mechanical" an unexpected listening pleasure.

The circuit bending technique is when one takes old electronic gadgets and toys and rewires them to create new and interesting sounds. These sounds are then recorded and sampled and are used to create beats and melodic structure.

In my opinion, what was even more impressive than the circuit bending technique were the abundance of consistently catchy melodies, which act like viscous fluid for the seamless stream of sampled sounds and beats. "Mechanical" is one of those CDs where nothing is overstated and everything works well together.

I would have rated this CD higher, but there were some abrupt track changes that seemed more like technical issues than intention, and were more noticeable while listening with headphones. Otherwise this was a very balanced and encouraging release, and a sure sign that the musical future is looking bright for Mr. Haunts and his label.

Michael Casano, 01 Jul 2007"



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