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Friday, May 04, 2007

More Album Reviews..

Had some nice positive album reviews come through this week. Firstly for Mechanical by Creature with 4 out of 5:

"We had already a review on this release, but thanks to a double-mailing I too come into the pleasure to consume this first full-length release by this British solo project. Behind CREATURE stands Stephen Haunts, who’s also responsible for the label Hauntedhouserecords. With a look on the cover I expected at first an effort woven into the Powernoise genre, so I was a bit surprised to enter an almost instrumental Dark Electronica/Ambient album, which obviously tries to explore some cinematic attitudes. The musically fundament is based on dark Synth basses, piano sounds and wide-ranging Synth layers sounds. Some diverse percussive elements are joining this relatively dark sounding scenario, while real vocals are only featured on two tracks “Daisy Cutter” and “Nox”. The tracks which manage to provide rather complex structures with a constant melodic content like the title track, “Wish” or the already mentioned “Daisy Cutter” get my vote for being the best worked-out pieces here. CREATURE’s music isn’t designed to wrestle against the nowadays popular club sound virus, it rather needs to get heard under a pair of headphones for example. It’s an entertaining, filmic, although not sci-fi infiltrated kind of music, which also works well as a sedating background sound."

Marc Tater for Chain D.L.K Magazine

"This is a new band signed on a new label, both from England. The style of Creature can be easily defined as a mix of low trip hop influences and ambient soundscapes. It’s all a bit in the style of soundtrack music, which comes over you like a warm summer breeze. The serene atmosphere is a real pleasure and especially when becoming more refined like on the great “Hotel”-track. “Mechanical” is easy, entertaining music released in a style that already has many similar productions. "

Side Line Magazine

And we have also had a review for Happy Welly's album Irritable Vowel Syndrome:

"Well, I’ve included this release under the genre “Experimental”, because I really don’t know where the musically combination between Electronica sound design and Slapstick up to Nonsense would fit in. Be sure, this release is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard! HAPPY WELLY is leaded by the UK-based musician Mat Howlett who likes to present his humorous kind of Electronica music. This output manages hard to sound like never-ever heard before - be it an instrument, a melody or be it a strange vocal a-cappella performance (...which Mat often likes to use as an instrument...), it all got mixed to a climax only designed to poke fun on musically structures, genres or behavior. If it sounds awful and trashy enough - it may fits into the musically world of HAPPY WELLY. “Song” titles like “Back Pack Sock Rat”, “Snortacus” or “Pablo Dubios And His Smiling Tits” will prove you nicely that life has more to offer than bitter and gray seriousness – while I’ve at least found with the track “Gripping Stripes” a constant political-associated message. My favorite track for sure, maybe besides the pretty decadent tune “Paint Your Wogan”, on which Mat acts like a single entertainer and the “music” sounds like played with “my first Bontempi” keyboard. It’s a fun release at all – but somehow unique in its kind."

Marc Tater for Chain D.L.K Magazine

Not bad all in all. It's good to know people are liking the music we are releasing :-)



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