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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alton Towers And Curbar Edge

It has been quite a busy Easter so far. On Thursday night Jane and Johny drove up to visit us and on Friday morning we went to Alton Towers as Jane had never been before and Johny had only been once when he was a kid. Being Alton Tower veterans Me and Amanda (well Amanda mainly) navigated the optimum route around the park, so we got to go on loads, some rides twice. It wasn't too busy on Friday luckily which helped also. The whole day was really good. The only ride that was crap was the Charlie and the Chocolate factory ride. Although this is aimed a kids, we decided to check it out, as it was the newest ride which opened last year. But in all honestly, don't bother with it. It was really dull. Even the children in there looked really bored. It consisted of a small boat ride through a warehouse and then a simulated elevator ride.

On Saturday Me and Amanda went for a walk around Curbar Edge with Neil and Caroline. They came around to pick us up at 10am. Although Me and Amanda were running a little late. We got back from Alton Towers so late that the shop had shut, so Amanda had to quickly drive to Morrison's and get stuff to make sandwiches for our packed lunch.

We got to the walk just after 11am, got our boots on and started. This walk is around 8.5 miles, and was quite hilly, so was going to be a good bit of exercise. The views from the top of Curbar Edge were stunning. It was a very clear and warm day, so you could see for miles around.

We walked for a couple of hours and then stopped on some large rocks to have lunch. Caroline had baked an Apple sponge cake the previous day and brought loads of it along, and it was very nice too :-)

After our lunch stop we continued the walk along the cliff edge and down the steep hill into the nearest village. Once in the village we found a small pub and the temptation to go into it for quick pint was too strong. I only had 1 pint of bitter, but felt quick numb afterwards. This was a good thing, and the last part of the walk, as Neil informed us, goes up a very steep hill back to the car park.

The next part of the walk was down by the river which was shaded by tree's. This was good as it really was quite hot at that point.

Down by the river there were some really nice houses. There was also a huge mill that had been converted into to flats. Neil mentioned to us that the old mill was also used as the set of the TV series Colditz in the 80's. Which was quite interesting. Will have to see if I can find any old episodes on the internet.

After the river, we got to the start of the hill leading back up to the car park. Neil wasn't kidding, it was very steep and very tiring walking up it. The path went up through a wooded area, so the path was quite un-even which made it more difficult. Neil being a photographer made quite a few stops to get pictures, read that has a few stops to have a rest ;-)

I never thought I would be so glad t get back to the car. We were all totally knackered. But as they say, no pain, no gain, so the walk should have done us a load of good.

We drove back to Belper and went to Morrison's. We thought it would be a good idea to get a little more shopping as it would be closed on Easter Sunday. Once we got home I started making dinner, fish and chips, which was lovely :-)

We just chilled out in the evening with a beer and watched some TV. Amanda was absolutely exhausted so she went to bed fairly early. I stayed up a little longer and watched Borat on DVD. One of those films best watched by my self as I don't think Amanda would have liked it.

We are planning on doing another walk with Neil and Caroline on bank holiday Monday. This walk will be more local as it starts off in Belper and goes around the local country side. But this route has a couple of pubs on it, so it will be a long walk / pub crawl. Can't wait, as long as my legs have recovered. Today I am going to do a little gardening. Started off with trimming the hedge around the house. Then I will pull up a few weeks in the garden. I think that will be all I can manage at this point.



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