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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finishing Off the Furby

Tonight I decided to finish off the furby. To make this creature properly playable when he has his fur on, I needed to create a remote control break out box to house all the switches. There just isn't enough room inside the furby case to mount the switches and jack output. I went in to town at lunch time and bought some house alarm cable and a plastic project box.

Construction was fairly straight forward. The wires that I soldered onto the furby pcb had to be connected upto the cable, and at the other end the switches and jack socket attached.

Once these were all connected and tested I had to get the furby put back together which was quite fiddly. As with all deconstruction projects I had a couple of screws left over and I have no idea where they came from. Oh well, the little chap seems quite solid so it's not a problem.

Once reassembled I just had to put the fur cover back on. This was easy, all I had to do was cut a slit so I could align the cable properly.

And voila, one remote controlled circuit bent furby. This little guy sounds insane when you set him off. And what's great is he is totally unpredicatible in the glitches that occur.



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