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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Circuit Bending Heaven

Today Me and Amanda had to take the car into town to the garage for it's MOT. Whilst there I wanted to have a look in the charity shops for old electronic toys as circuit bending victims. We managed to get quite a cool stash, and Amanda not being shy, haggled the prices down a bit more. So in the end we managed to get all the toys below for less than 11 pounds.

The most expensive toy was the furby at 4.95, but I think it was worth the price as furbies when circuit bent sound absolutely crazy. I think I will need to remove its fur though to get to the circuit board. So it will an naked porno furby.

Some of the toy's don't have an off switch so as they moved in the bags whilst walking back to the house they kept on going off. I think Amanda was a little embarressed by this. Don't blame her. Next time I go looking for circuit bending victims, I will take a set of screw drivers with me so I can remove the batteries.



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