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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Circuit Bent Furby Part 1

Today I started work on circuit bending the furby. Unlike any operation, the subject must be shaved first. So to start with I completely removed the skin.

The skin came off quite easily and only took a few minutes to remove, this left a naked furby on the desk. Next the outer case had to be removed. Under this there was all the mechanics and circuit board, but to get to the circuit I had to remove the base and battery compartment.

The furby is quite a common toy to circuit bend so I was looking forward to all the twisted sick noises I was going to get. First I had to make the furby sit stable on the desk so I could solder onto the circuit board without the thing moving. I started this by celotaping his ears to the table. Once secured I started probing around with my probe wires.

I found a couple of great bends pretty much straight away, so I soldered the wires in position and fitted the jack output to the speaker connections. I am not going to fit switches just yet, as I want to make a break out box / remote control instead of attaching the switches to the furbies body. This is because I want to beable to put the fur back on and have it look like a furby again. So a trip to maplins during the week I think.

I did about 10 minutes of test recordings. You can listen to an example of this furby at this link. I think you'll agree this circuit bend is starting to sound insane. Just the results I was after.



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