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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Circuit Bent Childrens Telephone

Whilst waiting to get the parts to finish off the furby modifications, I decided to bend another one of the charity shop toys. I decided to do the noisy telephone.

Finding the bends was relatively straight forward. The hard part of this bend was fitting the switches and cables, as space within the toy was very limited. But with a little contortion and persuasion I got everything to fit.

The 2 buttons effect the speed of the sound, the top one speeds up, and the bottom button slows down. I also added 3 body contact points. The top one connects to a common base join on the board, so this needs to be used in conjunction with the bottom 2 contact points. All in all not a bad little bend for this toy. Because this toy is so small you can fit it into a pocket. Would be quite amusing to stand behind someone in the supermarket queue and set this off :-) Or perhaps not in case someone thinks I'm a terrorist with a bomb in my pocket.

You can hear a excerpt of this toy at the following link.



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