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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Unleashing Satan From The Machine

I had some spare time tonight so I decided to do another circuit bend. This was another one of the toys from the charity shop. Getting the case off was a pain as most of the screws were in deep holes and my normal screwdrivers would not fit, so I had to use a jewelery screwdriver and set of pliers. All the buttons on the front of the toy a all loose and not held down with anything. I could see this would be problem as they sit directly over the pcb, so space would be tight having them sit ontop of my soldered wires.

A found some pitched glitch bends and a cool portamento type swirl which I connected to a 100k pot. I also added a selector switch so I could turn the portamento on and off. That was about all the interesting bends I could find. But they sound pretty evil. I also added a 1/4 inch jack socket so I can connect the toy up to the mixing desk for recording.

As I anticipated getting the case back on with the buttons in place was a complete bastard. This took nearly an hour. Because I had already mounted the new controls, I had to balance the top of the toy whilst putting the buttons in place over the soldered leads to sit on their rubber switches. After lots of swearing and cursing I got the case back on successfully, luckly everything still worked :-)



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