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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Walk Around Crich

We have both had the past few days off work so have been out and about doing some walks. Being as forgetful as I am, I keep forgetting to take the camera out with me, but today I remembered to pick it up.

We decided to do a walk up to Crich in Derbyshire. The walk is around 8 miles. We drove to Ambergate where the walk started. As per usual the instructions out of the AA book were a bit shit, and we messed up the beginning, but it was OK once we were going in the right direction.

We had to walk up quite a steep hill on the way to Crich, but the view was nice. Once we got to Crich we walked past the Tram museum.

From the Tram museum we walked up to the memorial tower and then on to were the quarry is.

Up by the tower it was quite windy, so Amanda borrowed the inside fleece part of my jacket. But the jacket was far to big for her and she looked like a midget wearing it.

As we walked past the quarry we saw the scale of the place. It is huge. There were lots of signs around pointing out the dangers of the fall. Must be quite cool when they set off the explosive charges to dislodge the rock.

To get to the next part of the walk we had to walk around the quarry, this seemed to go on for ages.

Once past the quarry we started our decent to Whatstandwell, and followed the canal back to Ambergate.

Once we got back to the car we were totally knackered, so we drove home via Morrison's to get stuff for dinner, including Beer. We will just sit in front of the tv tonight and watch the film Borat.



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