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Monday, April 09, 2007

Walk around Belper and local area

Today being the last day of the Easter break, Me and Amanda went on another country walk with Neil and Caroline. This time we stayed more local and started the walk off in Belper. We left the house at 10.30 and started walking into town to meet the others at the bridge by the mill.

On the way I took a few pictures around the town centre. The picture below is of the new bar, 'The Green House' that has just been built. It's quite a nice building and has been nicely decorated inside. We all went to the opening night last Wednesday. It's ok, typical lively town pub where the kids can go on the pull. If you like a good pint of real ale though avoid this place as you will not get a decent pint of beer in here. On Wednesday I had my 2 worst pints of bitter ever. But if you like wine and spirits, then the place is ok, although it's pretty expensive. Not tried food in there yet, but from looking at the menu, it looks to be the same sort of thing you would get in a Weatherspoons pub, so good for snacks, burgers, etc.

Now the picture below is of a proper pub that cares about their beer. This is the 'George and Dragon', and Me and Neil like to go here fairly often as they do care about the beer they serve and also have at least 2 different guest beers each week :-)

Anyway, that's my beer rant over with :-) We met the others near the mill at 11am and started the walk. The plan was to walk up to the Bulls Head at Belper lane end, have a pint, then carry on with the walk until we got to the Blue Bell Inn, naturally where we would have another pint. This was more a leisurely walk involving beer than a hike.

The weather was nice all day. A little cooler than previous days, but still very nice and sunny. There was quite a lot of hilly bits to this walk, but nothing to difficult. We got to the Bulls Head about 12 and got a pint and some lunch. Once we had finished here we carried on walking up to the top of a big hill. Once their Caroline handed out more of her Apple Cake. Yummy :-)

As we got to the last half of the walk we reached the Blue Bell Inn. We was looking forward to another pint here, but unfortunately it was closed. Why on earth they closed on a bank holiday Monday is a complete mystery, as this is the sort of nice eatery that is ideal for a lazy afternoon. We rested here for a while and loads of people turned up expecting the pub to be open, but were disappointed to see that is was closed. I wonder how much money they lost out in trade today.

Once we were rested we carried on with the last part of the walk. This part of the walk was easier as we had to go down hill back into the valley. When we got back to Belper we stopped off at the George for a couple of pints.

With all the beer we had during the 3.5 hours this walk took, I very much doubt our calorie burn was that impressive, but it doesn't matter really. It got us out of the house. After our beer at the George, Me and Amanda walked home, and I started the dinner.

It's been a good Easter break. Been to Alton Towers, done 2 nice long walks, and got a bit of gardening done too. A very healthy long weekend indeed (trying not to think about all the beer and wine consumed over past 4 days).

Well I guess it's back to the rat race tomorrow. At least it is only a 4 day week. We just launched a new product I have been working on at work, so hopefully this week will be a little quieter as we support the new release. Of course, now I have said that, it will probably be bedlam. :-)

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