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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Walk Around Chatsworth House and Grounds

To keep going with our current fitness routine, Me and Amanda embarked on another walk today. This walk was actually 2 different 4 mile walks out the book which we combined. Once they had been combined we probably lost about a mile of each walk, so the total walk was 6 miles, which was just about right for a day as hot as this.

Today's walks were around the grounds and surrounding area of Chatsworth house near Rowsley. We set off about 10.30, and before getting to Chatsworth house stopped at the outlet shopping centre. I needed to get a new walking pole as my one had ceased up and I couldn't retract it properly anymore. So I got a new pole for £20 and a wicking t-shirt, which keeps moisture and sweat off your skin to keep you dry around the walk.

We got to the car park about 11.30 and set off on the walk. We first walked though some parks and then through this very quaint little village that is on the Chatsworth estate. The walk then took us down to Chatsworth house itself. This is where we switched to the 2nd walk and that takes you up to the children's petting zoo, and up into the hills. One part of the walk you had to climb 144 stones stairs which where very steep, and because all the steps were un-even it made it harder. Still good exercise.

At the top of the stairs is an old battle lookout tower which I think is someones house now, but it looked really interesting, and tourists were sitting around it anyway, so I got a photo.

As we carried on walking we got to this little waterfall, which feeds another man made water, which in turn trickles down to feed the waterfalls in the Chatsworth house gardens.

From here the walk took us through some moorland and through some fields which eventually led us back to the car park. Unfortunately some twat in a black Ferrari blocked in Amanda's car, but there was just enough room for her to manoeuvre the car to edge it out of another space. It's a pity we didn't prang the Ferrari, would have served him right for parking in a dodgy place and blocking in cars. The idiot!!

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