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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Derby Summer Beer Festival

Tonight we (Me, Amanda, Elaine, Andy, Neil and Caroline) went to the CAMRA Summer Beer Festival. We all met at 7pm at pizza express for dinner. I always like our trips to pizza express. It's like pizza hut, but posh :-) We finished our pizza about 8 and then headed for the festival.

When we got there the queue was huge and wrapped around the side and back of the Derby Assembly Rooms. This was because they had an offer where if you are aged between 18-30 you got in free. But, the venue was only allowed to admit 1800 people. So by 8pm they were operating a one out, one in policy, which was shit. We had to queue for over an hour. Oh well. Once we got in we found out they had closed the cloak room also, so we couldn't put in our coats. Not going well so far.

It was quite busy inside, so there was a fair bit of queueing to get some beers but the ones I tried were quite good. The best beer of the night for me was called 'Blonde'. Amanda was on the Cider, but she only got to try 1 kind but she didn't think it was that good.

All in all this is probably the worst of the beer festivals I have been too over the past 3 years, which is a shame. The organization of the event was pretty shocking. I wonder if they have diferent people organizing it this year.

The band playing were called 'Shameless Quo' who were a Status Quo tribute band. They sounded pretty good, your typical sort of covers band. We didn't see the other band playing in the other room. I hope the show at Christmas is a lot better.



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