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Monday, July 23, 2007

Life Begins September 2007

ZiBiR's debut album (Life Begins) is almost upon us. This is the follow up to the Electrodes EP. I have had the masters delivered to Me. Mr Huckle has completed his photoshop wizardry on the CD case artwork. All that is left is for me to do the businessy and legal bit then it will be out.

The track listing will be as follows:

01 - Seeds
02 - Expectations
03 - Post Process
04 - Life Begins
05 - Jitter
06 - Electrodes
07 - Entice
08 - Princess
09 - Sound Off
10 - Space It Out
11 - Scoop
12 - Deliver Us
13 - The Chamber
14 - Aftershock

We will soon have some snippets from the tracks available at the Haunted House Records website. If you liked Electrodes, you will love this release. I can only describe it as Wizz Bang Electro Pop.



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