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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Carsington and Brassington Walk

At last the weather has started to pick up. We decided to take a drive out to Carsington waters near Ashbourne and do a walk that takes you down through Brassington.

Amanda first went to the supermarket to get stuff to make lunch with. When she got back I was shocked at the size of the bread rolls. They were tiny, you could only fit 1 slice of tomato in each roll. I think she is trying to starve me :-)

Once the lunches were packed, we set off to Carsington. We got there about 12pm and got ready. This walk isn't too long, the book said it was around 5.5miles. The walk started off next to the resevoir and headed down to Brassington.

Above is the obligatory photo of Amanda checking the map. Although the map reading went a bit wrong at one point and we went about half a mile in the wrong direction, oops. Oh well it's all good exercise.

This walk was quite scenic, and the sky was mostly blue with the odd cloud here and there. As we got to higher ground it was a lot windier, but still warm.

I think the farmers are making the styles in the walls a lot thinner these days, as you can see above. Either that or I have put on a few pounds (most likely).

We got to Brassington after about an hour. I quite fancied nipping into the pub for a pint, but Amanda pointed out that these walks are supposed to be getting us healthier. Oh well :-)

On the way down into Brassington we saw loads of cows all lined up across the edge of the field. It looked quite strange.

The whole walk took around 4 hours. We were both quite tired by the end of it. Especially as it was very warm. By the time we got back we were both hungry so have made dinner. It was good to get out in the country today before a week behind my desk at work.

It'll be good to get loads more walks in over the next month as we are thinking of going to the Lake District for a couple of days at the end of September for my birthday and our wedding aniversary.



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