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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cala St Vicenc

A couple of times during the holiday we took a bus to Cala St Vincenc. This is a set of 3 very nice beaches around the other side of the mountain to our resort.

The first time we went here the water was very calm and warm which made it very nice to swim in. When we went on the second week, although it was a very hot day the water was very violent. I have some photo's here that contrast the different between the sea on both days.

Next to one of the beaches we found a very nice little restaurant where we had lunch both times. It was here that I tried deep fried squid rings again. I have had them in the UK but hated them as it was like chewing on a piece of rubber. But here in Majorca they were very nice indeed. They especially went down well with a few glasses of red wine :-)

When went to St Vincenc on the 2nd week we got a couple of sun loungers on the beach, but because the water was so unsettled that day, when the waves crashed they would ride up the beach about 15 feet further than you would expect. So by 11am, us, and a lot of other couples were starting to get wet. This was quite amusing, until we noticed that the waves were washing up hundreds of jelly fish on the beach. Eek!

At this point we decided it was time to go and get lunch :-). Whilst we were having lunch we could see something large and grey bobbing around in the sea not far out from the beach. After about 40 minutes what ever it was landed on the beach. It was a dead dolphin. Poor thing. Apparently it had been floating around for a couple of days, but because the water was so rough the coast guard couldn't get to it.

Once it landed on the beach, the coast guards got a tractor and they removed the dolphins body. The dolphin must have been around 5 feet long. When we went to Cala St Vincenc on the second week we was supposed to go on a boat trip instead. But they cancelled the boat due to rough waters.

At first we thought they were joking as the water around the port was very calm. But once we got to Vincenc we realised what they were on about. Although we never got to do our traditional boat trip we still had a good time.



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