The Haunted House

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I found a really good review of my album yesterday. It's from hyphagogue. I have included the review text below:

"I try to do reviews in an orderly manner. When a disk comes in, I burn it into iTunes, then put the disk at the bottom of my review pile and I try not to write the review until I unearth the disk. In the meantime, music from that disk may come up in shuffle when I’m listening to the ’pod. And sometimes I’m so eager to write about it that I almost break my own rules and pull it out of the queue to get to it sooner. Such is the case with Mechanical from Creature (aka Stephen Haunts). As soon as a song from this disk popped into my ears, I was infected. Creature constructs intriguing tracks that meld EDM sensibilities, house beats and sound snippets created through "circuit bending," where new aural oddities are created by re-wiring electronic children's toys. The result is a disk of intriguing cuts filled with a wide array of sounds that get cut, chopped, de- and reconstructed, all under the cadence of body-swaying rhythms. Solid piano work on several tracks lends a sedate, classical flair under Creature's throbbing electro-constructs. Tracks such as "Vitamin," the title track, or "Daisy Cutter," with its repeated phrase, "disco bombing," pulse with energy and drip enough melty ear candy to satisfy people like me who thrive on the work of an artist stitching together bursts of noise and clatter and creating truly listenable music out of it. Check the thunder of the distorted drums that kick around Yaz-esque bop and slow chords in “New World" or the subdued but tactile raw power of the all-too-brief “Magenta.” The sixteen pieces here almost feel too short, but they pack so much into two to four minutes that it's hard to fault Haunts for his brevity. All in all, a great CD for those who need cool beats and lots of interesting sonic surgery with their electronic music."



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