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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Soller and Train to Palma

On Saturday we took the bus to a town called Soller. The town isn't too far away but it took nearly 2 hours to get there because the bus had to go through the mountains. The views were quite spectacular.

The town is all based around its town center which is full of cafes and restaurants. Running through the town are tram lines for the tram system. The trams in use here were made in San Francisco.

To the top of the town behind the cathedral is the old train station. This train provides a scenic route down the country to Palma. We got to Soller around 11am, and the train we wanted to get was a 2pm, so we spent some time looking around the town.

There was a market on this day as well. I was starting to get a little bored of markets by this point, but we still looked around. After this we went for lunch at one of the little restaurants in the town centre.
At about half past one we went to the station to get our ticket and then got a good seat at the front of the train.
The train set off at 2pm sharp. I wish the trains back home where as reliable, and this thing was over 50 years old. The train route started by going up into the mountains so you got a great view of Soller.

Once the train had gone around the top of the mountain, the went through a tunnel in the mountain. The train was practically pitch black for about 10 minutes.

The entire train journey took around an hour to get to Palma. The original plan was to go and look around Palma afterwards but Amanda wasn't feeling very well so we decided to get the bus back to the hotel.



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