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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pollensa Old Town

On the 2nd Wednesday, they weather turned a bit miserable so we decided to take a trip into the old town of Pollensa.

Pollensa is only about 7 miles from the resort, so didn't take long to get there. We shared a taxi with 2 other guests from our hotel. Once we got there we went for a coffee and then started walking around. In one of the churches there was a really impressive sound installation. This comprised of 8 sets of 5 speakers in a circle. Each speaker represented 1 person in a choir.

If you sat in the middle of the circle you got a brilliant surround sound choir experience. If you walked around each speaker in turn you could hear each singer one by one. The acoustics of the church made this sound amazing. Definitely like being surrounded by a real choir.

Once we had walked around a lot more, we decided to get lunch before we attempted the 365 steps to the Calvari church. We went to a restaurant called "La Font Del Gall". The food here was very very good. Much better than the normal tourist style restaurants around. This was probably on par with the Blue Bell Inn near Belper that we go to from time to time. Lunch was so good we booked a table for our last night of the holiday.

After lunch we walked around to the steps and made our way up to the top. The view form the top was very nice, and the weather had picked up by then, so I got some nice scenary shots :-)

Once we had finished here we walked down the steps again. This was much easier :-) We walked around a little more and then went to find the bus stop so we could go back to the port.

Pollensa is a very nice little town. If you are ever in the north of the island, I recommend visiting for a day.



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