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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Inca Market and the Caves of Drach

On the first Thursday we got a bus to Inca for the market. This is the largest market on the island. We got a bus straight after breakfast and it took around 40 minutes to get there.

We spend around 4 hours looking around the market and then decided to go back to the hotel. We walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. We waited and waited, but it didn't show up. We found out later that the bus station has been closed down for about 3 weeks. There were notices around, but they were all in Spanish. DOH!

In the end we shared a taxi back to the port with a Norwegian couple. It was only about 30 euros between us all, so not too bad.

The following Monday we did an organised excursion to the Caves of Drach. We first was taken to a pearl factory. We was expecting to see real pearls. You know, the ones from oysters. But instead we found it was Majorcas biggest authentic fake pearl factory. Amanda was quite disappointed as I think she wanted to buy some, but not when they are glass, painted fakes. What a waste of time :-)
After this we went to the caves. The caves were quite amazing. The only problem is the amount of people going around them. They only allow a group in every hour, and this is a very large group, so you can't just walk around at your leisure.

When you get to the end of the caves there us a large under ground auditorium where you get to sit down. This is infront of a massive underground lake. When everyone is sat down some boats come past with a load of musicians on. They play some music for about 20 minutes. The acoustics in the cave were amazing.

The only thing that spoiled it was the Spanish group sitting behind us who just talked all through the performance. Twats!! Ho hum.

After our group was finished at the caves the coach took us to load of scenic places for photos then we went to the Port of Cristo where we had a few hours to our selves to look around and go get lunch.

On the way back to the hotel. The coach took us to a place where you can do some liquor tasking. I thought there would just be 2, maybe 3 drinks to try. In fact there were around 30. And everyone on the bus tried them all. My god was I pissed afterwards. I think I nearly went blind.

Naturally I had a stinking hangover. The next day I didn't drink :-)



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