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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Canon A650 IS

For a few months now Me and Amanda have been talking about replacing our trusty old camera the A95. We have been trying to decide what to get for a while. At one point we thought about getting the Canon G7, but after Amanda borrowed one off of a Friend for an evening, I didn't really like it. Although it is a more professional camera it just felt plastic and clunky

Recently Canon released their new range of compact cameras which gave us the choice of the Canon A650 (much newer version of our current camera) and the Canon G9. It was a tough decision between the 2, but in the end we decided on the Canon A650. Both cameras are of a similar spec except the G9 is slightly better, but the extra cost compared to the better features just didn't seem worth it to us. We are not pro photographers and only use this thing for holidays, days out and this blog.

The extra features were raw mode, software based neutral density filters plus a few other bits and pieces. The 2 things we loved about our old A95 was the fact that it had a flip out screen. This really helps protect the screen when you are not using the camera. Me and Amanda aren't the most careful people on the planet, so this extra protection is very justified as we take the camera out with us all the time. The other thing we really liked about the old camera is that it takes AA batteries instead of those small lithium batteries. This is handy as if for some reason we run out of batteries, getting spares is a lot easier and cheaper, and this has happened to me before. Oops :-) The A650 maintains both of these features. The new camera is also 12mega pixels, which is probably overkill, but should be good.

I'll add another article about the camera when it turns up, hopefully on Monday. The camera's retail price is £329.99, but you can get it a lot cheaper than that. We got it from Amazon for £249.50.



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