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Monday, October 01, 2007

Worth a listen....

I have been listening to some quite interesting albums recently. The first is 'Mouse on Mars' latest album VarChars. Initially I found the album a little too full on with glitched, distorted mayhem, kind of like having your ears filled full of mustard and then attacked by a road drill. But after a few listens the real charm of the album started reveal it self with lots of intricate melodies. It certainly wakes me up on my walk to the train station in the morning. I might get hold of some of their earlier records.

I really have a soft spot for this 2nd album. It's called 'The Idiots Are Winning' by James Holden. Now I am going to admit that I normally hate Mr Holdens usual work with progressive trance remixes, it just aint my cup of tea. But to be fair that's what pays his bills :-) This little gem is him blowing off some steam with a little good old experimentation. He is a man after my own heart in that he like to do circuit bending of old toys and instruments. He also uses lots of strange software to help create his warbled little melodies, including the excellent buzz tracker, which I might have a play with. The first track on the album, Lump, is really rather special!!



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