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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

The past few weeks have been quite hectic. The other week We visited my parents in London. Then I was in work up til Christmas Eve. Would have been nice to book some extra time off before hand but I had run out of holidays.

Me and Amanda spent Christmas day at home together. We had a really relaxed day. We got up fairly late for us :-) Opened pressies and I made a huge dinner. This year we treated ourselves to a Nintendo Wii and Wii fit. We spent most of the day playing on this. It was great fun.

On boxing day we drove up to Amanda's Mums house for dinner. In the evening we played the traditional Christmas bingo. This was good fun. Everyone contributes bingo prizes up the cost of a pound and they go into a big bag with numbers on. The winner of each bingo game picks a number out of a hat and they get a present.

The next day we didn't do much except relax, play more games, and watch TV. The next day we drove back home. Feeling like we had had too much fun we decided to do some menial jobs like clear out the loft. This took a good 3 hours and yesterday we filled up the car and took all the rubbish to the dump. We really know how to have fun ;-) But the house does look a lot tidier though. I am going to be doing some decorating in Feb for the babies bedroom so we wanted to start getting rid of any junk. The spare bed is being thrown out at the end of Jan ready for a cot bed to go in its place.

Now we are just getting ready for the new year. Amanda has had to work today, so I have just kept myself to myself for most of the day. Went to the shops and done some work on my website.

Tonight we are going to have a few drinks (non alcoholic for Amanda) and get stuck into several rounds of Tiger Woods PGA golf on the Wii. Which by the way is an excellent game once you have got used to the controls.

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