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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Go-Karting with work

Yesterday my boss gave us all the afternoon off work to go Go-Karting. I guess this is some kind of team building exercise, and it worked as we had a great time. We went to Birmingham Wheels for the race. It is an outdoor track and we used single engine karts. We all split into teams, there was 10 teams, and I was in team 2. We had 3 people per team. The race lasted an hour and a half and each team would have one racer out at a time. The teams had to decide when to do driver changes. Most people opted for 10 minute sessions as this gave everyone a few goes on the track. My team didn't do to disastrously, we came 5th.

After the racing we went into Birmingham for some drinks and went to a Mexican restaurant. I had piri piri chicken for a starter and duck enchiladas for the main. It was very tasty. I left about 9.30 to get the train back to derby, but I was so tired I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop and ended up near Sheffield opps.



  • I love this post - Steve always is so detailed on the blog but doesn't put much on about the "crisis" he had...

    Here's the truth -
    I called Steve, and he answered the phone with "i'm having a crisis... i don't know what to do!"

    after he explained he fell asleep on the train (which he often does... and as he told me only last week he 'ALWAYS' wakes up just in time).

    He told them on the train, and they said he had 30 seconds to catch the train back to Derby!!
    He sprinted... and missed it!

    Then in a panic, he was going to check into a nearby hotel (about £35 he said), and would have had to get an early train back the next day! he also would end up going to work in last nights clothes!!

    Then his sensible wife suggested a taxi, which she then organised (FROM WALES as she was working away) and arranged for them to collect him from the station!

    Steve then had to direct the taxi driver to Belper as he had never heard of it!

    He called me about 12.15 sounding so releived to be home, but that he was going to go to bed so he didnt sleep on the train and forget about work!

    So if Steve is late for work again, don't fall for the excuse of trains were late! he probably woke up in Bristol, Bournemouth of Manchester!!

    By Blogger Amanda, at 2:21 pm  

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