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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Started Tidying the Babies Room

Now that the arrival of the baby is getting a lot closer we have to get the spare room sorted out. Today we went out and bought a baby changing unit and set of drawers. Once we got it back I started sorting out the spare room. I have booked some time off in Feb to paint the room, but I started today by dismantling the spare bed. We are getting rid of this during the week, so guests have to use an airbed from now on :-)

Now that the room has been tidied, we assembled the baby changing unit. Amanda had loads of fun folding up all the baby clothes she has bought already and put then in the drawers.

The room will look very good once we have decorated it. We have decided to paint the walls in a plain neutral color as we want to move house in a years time, but I want to get some 'Princess Peaches' pictures for the wall. Princess Peaches is a super mario character in case you haven't come across the name before :-)

We already have the cot bed ready to assemble and we are getting the pram soon. We don't have a huge amount left to get now, but still a fair amount of money to spend. :-)



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