The Haunted House

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On Sunday the weather was really nice and sunny so we decided to pop down to Dovedales for a mini walk and some ice cream. We couldn't walk too far with Amanda being pregnant, but we walked down the river and sat down for a bit.

I am really glad the winter weather is out the way, about time too. Amanda has been taking advantage of the sunshine whilst she is on maternity leave and has been sunning her self in the garden, reading a book whilst I am at work. It's alright for some.

If the weather holds up til next weekend I think I might have to dig the BBQ out of the shed and set fire to some chicken.

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More Gardening.

I did some more tidying in the garden over the weekend then Me and Amanda went to Homebase to buy some flowers and plants, so the place looks litle more colorful now. We also started the mamoth task of washing baby clothes ready for her arrival. She has more clothes than Me and Amanda put together. lol. Anyway, few garden piccies below.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Babies New Set of Wheels

The other day our new pram for the baby turned up. The pram was great fully paid for by my parents. We opted the the Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler as it is a decent size when collapsed. We also got a car seat and the ISOFIX base for the car, but that hasn't turned up yet. In a few weeks hopefully.

We now have pretty much all we need for the babies arrival now. Amanda's Mum bought us a Natures Nest, which is a fancy crib essentially which is supposed to help the baby sleep better. We hope :-)

We are just playing the waiting game now awaiting for her arrival.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tidying Up The Garden

Today I spent some time tidying up the garden. I cleared out all the weeds and crap that accumulated over the winter. I also dug out the space under the hedge and put bark chippings down. The garden is looking quite tidy now we just need to get flowers in the planters. This should be done next week.


Easter Weekend

This weekend Amanda's brother Steve and his girlfriend Rachel came down from up north to visit for a few days. Steve is off traveling soon so came down to see Amanda and Bump before he sets off.

They got to our house Saturday morning and we had quite a lazy day and just relaxed. In the evening I made a Thai curry and we watched some crap TV. On Sunday we took them to Matlock Bath and went on the cable car up to the top of the cliff and went on the cave tour.

Both Steve and Rachel aren't keen on heights, so the cable car was just what they were looking forward too :-) There were 2 caves at the top of the cliff which had organised tours. The first tour lasted around 30 minutes. The caves were quite good, although a bit cold.

Once we had finished at the cliff top we got the cable car back down to the town centre and went to get some lunch. We got some fish and chips. Amanda was glad to sit down as she was feeling quite tired lugging around a big bump.

After lunch we went to one of the games arcades at Matlock Bath and wasted a couple of quid on the 2p machines. We then headed back to the house. Once there we put on the Nintendo Wii and played some games. Mainly Mario Kart, which was quite good fun, although Rachel was a bit of an expert at the game and beat us all. I think we need to get some practice in.

After dinner we watched Beverly Hills Cop 2 which we had recorded on Sky+ from before Christmas. Forgot how much of a great film that is. Steve and Rachel drove back home this morning and I prepared for a day working in the garden. I am feeling knackered now....


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pregancy Update

I havn't posted on this blog in a while because we havn't really done much recently. Amanda is now heavily pregnant so gets knackered quickly. Recently we completed our ante natel classes with the NCT. The classes were great, we learnt a lot of stuff and made some great friends who we are going to keep in touch with.

The only other thing we have done, besides tidying up the house and doing lots of odd jobs, is to get some photos taken. We wanted to have some pics of Me and Amanda before the baby is born aswell as some afterwards and when the baby is a little older also. We had the first set done the other weekend and are really happy with them. We have larger prints of some of them turning up this week. I have included thumb nails of a few of the pictures below.

I'll try not to leave it so long before posting again :-)