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Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Blog Becomes Two!!

For a long time now this blog has had a bit of an identity crisis. I have mixed posts about my audio endeavors and my personal life in one place and was, to be honest, a little too lazy to do anything about it. Now Amanda is pregnant and due in May this blog, as you can imagine, will start to fill up with baby pictures for our families to keep up to date on the babies progress.

Therefore I have created a new blog called The Creaturephonic Workshop where I will write about music production. This new blog will replace the old News page on the Haunted House Records site. I will write articles on music production, write gear and music reviews and also keep you up to date on Haunted House Records News.

So!, if you come to this blog to read about my music related stuff, please go to this address. If you like reading your blogs via an RSS feed then point your feed reader here.

If you are not interested in the music stuff and want to just see what Me and Amanda have been getting up too then you can stay on this blog.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amy's New Bedroom

The past few weeks we have been busily decorating Amy's new bedroom and today we have pretty much finished it off. We assembled the cot yesterday and Amanda attached the mobile and cot bumpers etc.

This morning I put up the curtain rail, which for me is a major feat as I am certainly not Mr DIY, but I am getting a lot better at this stuff :-)

All that is left to do is to get some extra pictures for the walls. I really want to get 2 frames pictures of Princess Peaches from Super Mario. She is all pink and princess like, certainly will suit the room. I have the pictures already I just need to get them printed in A3 and put them in frames, so that should be done by next week.

The room looks really good. My favorite room in the house infact. It makes you want to be a kid again.

The picture above is a night light that Amanda's Aunt Sandra got us for Christmas. I couldn't resist doing a little arty photo. I am a geek after all.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

3D baby scan

Today we had a 3D baby scan at the Nuffield private hospital in Derby. This scan allows you to see the baby in more detail. I have included a few of the pictures below. Those who have me added as a friend on facebook can see more of

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow.

In the past couple of weeks have had the most snow the country has had in years. I really like the snow my self even though most people moan about it. I find it quite exciting personally.

Getting to the train station through 6 inches of snow was good fun and the trains were surprisingly reliable for a change. The morning walk through the snow was made even more atmospheric by listening to Monolakes, Polygon Cities album. Makes you feel like your in siberia near an oil pipeline. I guess you need to listen to the album to hear what I am on about.

Unfortunately the snow has mostly melted now except for some at the top of the estate. It was nice whilst it lasted. Today is Friday the 13th and I mananged to get through the day without tripping over or slipping on ice.

Tomorrow we are going to have a 4D scan of the baby done. We dont need to do it for any particular medical reason, its just you can get a good look at the baby. This is a present for Amandas birthday. Hopefully we will get some good shots. They will go on the blog naturally :-)


Started Decorating

A couple of weeks ago I started decorating the spare room ready for the babies arrival. We first needed to strip off all the wallpaper which was a royal pain in the arse as it was all plastic coated, but we bought a steamer and got it all down in a couple of days.

The room has now been painted, but those pictures wont be taken until tomorrow when we assemble the cot etc.

We have gone for cream walls as we want to sell the house next year. I am getting some pictures made with the Super Mario character Princess Peaches made up. They should look great on the wall.

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