The Haunted House

Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow.

In the past couple of weeks have had the most snow the country has had in years. I really like the snow my self even though most people moan about it. I find it quite exciting personally.

Getting to the train station through 6 inches of snow was good fun and the trains were surprisingly reliable for a change. The morning walk through the snow was made even more atmospheric by listening to Monolakes, Polygon Cities album. Makes you feel like your in siberia near an oil pipeline. I guess you need to listen to the album to hear what I am on about.

Unfortunately the snow has mostly melted now except for some at the top of the estate. It was nice whilst it lasted. Today is Friday the 13th and I mananged to get through the day without tripping over or slipping on ice.

Tomorrow we are going to have a 4D scan of the baby done. We dont need to do it for any particular medical reason, its just you can get a good look at the baby. This is a present for Amandas birthday. Hopefully we will get some good shots. They will go on the blog naturally :-)



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