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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Creature Update...

I've been fairly quite with my own musical exploits (Creature) recently, except for the odd review I have posted. I have not lost interest. I have been busy most of the year working on the next Creature album, and I am pleased to say that as of 11.30am today, I have officially finished it by rendering out the final 24bit wave files. How exciting :-) As a little carrot dangling exercise, below there is a screen shot of my sequencer containing one of the final tracks after mixdown.

All that is left to do now is get the final tracks mastered. This involves compressing and limiting the dynamic range of the tracks to bring the loudness upto that of commercial cd's. Mr Newlove has kindly agreed to help out with this, as he is a properly trained audio expert :-) Also I am due to work with Neil soon on the photography for the album cover and jacket for the CD version. As soon as I have a copy of the cover I will post it here. I have quite a few ideas for the cover and Neils keen photographic skills should help us get the best result :-)

The name of the new album is 'Distant Horizon' and it is quite different to my last album. It is a lot darker and aggressive, but still contains my trademark cinematic edge :-) I have also
done a lot more circuit bending which features a lot more this time.

I have put some work in progress tracks up on the Haunted House Records site. To listen to them, go to the site and look in the music player on the right hand side of the web page. The tracks are called Flutter and Helter Skelter. I think they help set the tone of the full album, but I warn you they are quite weird. More details soon.

Oh and to the people that have asked if Creature will be playing live. At the moment this isn't easy to do, so will not happen for the moment. In the future though, who knows what will happen. Is that vague enough ;-)



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