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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ableton Live 7 Announced

Those innovative people over at Ableton have announced their latest upgrade of their flagship audio tool Live. Live 7 features a ton of new features and improvements over their current version. They have also designed a load of new synths for the package.

I won't retype all the information here though, as Peter Kirn over at has already done that. So click this link to read all about it. The whole package looks amazing, I just wish I had some of these features whilst finishing my current album, ho hum. There are also lots of videos and sound examples over at the Ableton Live product page.

It is due to be released Q4 of this year. So I will probably wait a couple of months for the dust to settle before upgrading. This tool has been the system I use when putting tracks together and it is so easy to use that you can just get on with being creative instead of wrestling with a UI. I wish other software developers would take a leaf out of their book.



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