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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Circuit Bending Challenge 2007

'Nuff Said!! I will certainly be taking part and documenting the process along the way. To quote Create Digital

The premise is simple:
1. Wait until October 28th with growing anticipation.
2. Bicycle, walk, or swim to your nearest secondhand store.
3. Locate and purchase a cheap electronic noisemaking device.
4. Take it home and bend that thang!
5. Document the process and end result,
then upload it to the internet in some fashion- Youtube, Flickr, etc, all with
the tag “circuitchallenge.” (and createdigitalmusic, of course)
6. The Circuit Master and myself will gather the results and feature them here and at

The winner will receive, um, a token prize of low value, to
be decided later. Something though. And we’ll publish your picture on the
internet for the universe to see.
Of course, it’s not about winning, oh no.

It’s about getting off your keister and bending some circuits!
Never bent a circuit before but always wanted to? Now’s your chance!



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